This week I worked on some peasant animations for the post game win screen. We shot some reference featuring my weird boyfriend (also the 3rd coder for the game, Alex Hollander) and it was hella weird. I’ve included a snippet of the reference below in case anyone wants to see how eccentric I like my men 😛

Alex_02 Alex_03

Anyway, once I finished cutting all the ref together, the animation went relatively smoothly. The weird sort of  body-roll dance thing turned out A LOT better than the last time I tried animating anything like that (huzzah).

After I finished a few animations, I was told I should have the dance animation loop as a dance-only thing, rather than going from a neutral position to dancing and back to neutral. At that point it was late and I didn’t feel like animating anymore, so I took a break and finished this sad pineapple I’d been working on the day before.



That’s really the only thing that worked on this week, apart from meetings and random slack discussions. I did a lot of totally unrelated CG work though… I made a full set of D&D die… That was painfully tedious… They look cool though…

_Phonecase_Pineapple_Both Gear_Set