I have another hour of work to do on this bloody animation nonsense and then I’m done. All I have left is making sure the peasant’s little skirt thingy doesn’t clip through anything. That’s it. I’m going to do it tomorrow morning. Then animating will be done. Forever. *twitch*

Here’s a gif of the updated disco and heel click.

Disco_v02 HeelClick_v03

I realized the original disco had no real facial expression going on… Look at the sass he has now. LOOK AT IT!

Next week we’re reviewing concepts for the decorative mirror I’m supposed to be making, so, hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the thing before our pseudo-art-lock next Tuesday.

Apart from senior project, I’ve been propagating an army of asexual plants with which I will conquer the world! Look how cute they are though! There’s little plants growing out of bigger plants!


I also go some very charming little balls of algae which seem to be doing very well in my room… Happy garden- err… I mean… HAPPY SENIOR PROJECT EVERYONE!