The animation. It’s finished. (I’m not reposting a gif, because the only new thing is his skirt thing not clipping 😛 )

This week I added facial weights to the Grimaldi Yaffe made so we can at least open and close her mouth. I also finished modeling the mirrors for the intro screen. There are some little baubles that can be scattered on the mirrors once they’re in unity.

Screenshot (1250)

That’s basically all I did this week. Things are really slowing down in terms of things we need to do, which is great, because it allowed me about 12 hours to paint 24 4″x4″ pictures of Alex’s head for his birthday on Sunday… Now to wait 2 weeks for them to dry…


If anyone tells him about these pics, I will find you and harass the living bajesus out of you. (I’m banking on him never reading these…)

Anyway… I’m off to apply to local bakeries so I have a fallback if I can’t find a game job!