The big thing I had to tackle this week was addressing the issue of the river that’s currently in our environment. Through playtesting we discovered that the river has the ability to block your border completely with almost nothing the opponent can do to prevent it. We could just take it out, but visually its is interesting so we wanted to edit it instead. We tried just rotating the whole map so the river wouldn’t line up with the borders but that created other problems with the outer walls of the castles. What I ultimately did to keep the amount of reworking to a minimum is have the river twist a little through the town instead of shooting straight down and adding another bridge while knocking a house down. I also edited the ground texture to reflect the new layout. This hopefully will prevent the river being too overpowered and give us more of open space for clean shots that we want to vary up the feel of the map a bit since previously we had far more defensive clusters than offensive avenues.

Other than that I replaced the current sconces with new ones that reflect the style of the free standing lamps we now have scattered through the environment so we can sensibly brighten up the town. I also created particles and edited the existing particle systems that use them so that all the elements in our game conform to our hand painted art style as much as possible. The ones shown here are for enemies bouncing back when a player tries to punch a minion through a closed border, the reverse controls tower effect, a successful minion shot through a border, the rubble from a guard’s thunderclap attack, and the ground crack and radius for the guard’s ground smash attack.