Mirrors of Grimaldi is a local multiplayer game, that takes the aspect of splitscreen multiplayer, and does something never seen before! Our splitscreens are dynamic, and represent your character’s health in relation to the other players’. This means that when a player takes damage, a portion of their screen is taken away, and then equally redistributed to the other players. We have intentionally taken our dynamic splitscreen, and designed most of our game mechanics around it, really trying to take this game in an innovative direction that people can get excited about.

Grimaldi’s Inter-dimensional Carnival has invaded multiple worlds, and is pitting each of them against each other to see who will survive her twisted trial. Grimaldi’s evil minions cannot die, so your only option for staying alive is getting enemies out of your screen, and into an opponents. This leads to our main mechanic and source of player interaction: punching your enemies through the shared splitscreen borders.

(punching enemies through screens)

This also rewards players for being aware of their surroundings, as they can use their environment to block borders and make their own lanes for getting enemies through the screen. Players who navigate their environment more effectively will ultimately do better with surviving, and players who are unaware of there surrounding will be dealing with a lot of enemies bouncing back from badly aimed punches.

All of our peasant’s attacks use unique gesture based controls on the right joystick. We’ve found that gesture controls that trigger in ways related to the attacks they fire make playing the game more intuitive, and players can easily pick up our control scheme. It’s also a bit more fun than just pressing a button!

(ground smash)