Towers and Events


Our map consists of multiple towers that can be used to harness special abilities to affect opposing players. Before being activated, towers must be charged by the player by either punching enemies into the tower’s rotating targets, or by punching the targets directly. Punching enemies into the targets charges the tower significantly more because it is more difficult.

After being charged, the player can press A to activate the tower’s targeting. In this mode, the player has a limited amount of time to highlight an opposing player’s screen with an on screen reticle and press A to fire the tower’s ability.

After being fired, the tower enters a cooldown state, and the effect takes place. In this video, we have an example of our RAGE ability, where that player is faced with a swarm of minions.

A look at the process of charging and firing one of Grimaldi’s Towers


(camera follow effect)

We’ve also added a global effects system that will automatically activate whenever the screens haven’t fluctuated enough over a period of time. These global effects serve to shake up the game in really fun and interesting ways, adding to the action that’s already taking place. Each player will be hit with the same effect, making it an even, albeit chaotic, game!

For example, our camera wander effect causes each player’s camera to randomly wander away from them, and if they end up out of view they’ll take damage. Other effects could reverse players’ controls, or randomize where borders will teleport an enemy to; you never know what could happen!