Hey Everyone, this past week has been as always, pretty busy. Our art team has been hard at work modeling and starting to get final textures for all of the buildings and props that will help make our environment awesome. Alison has had her own task of revising all of the animations for our characters so everything looks nice and smooth for our GDC demo. Our Programming team has been hard at work getting our final UI functionality in the game, complete with our end of game awards. Boyd has also been working with the art team to finalize our visualizations for our final two tower effects as well as the super punch event. I spent this week doing some R&D on how we plan to tackle lighting our town and am excited for what it’s going to look like in 2 weeks. Despite everything getting crazy and hectic we cannot wait for GDC and the opportunity to show off, Mirrors of Grimaldi.

Stay awesome, and keep playing games.