this week was another heavy one with work, as the arcade @ dilworth park for philly tech week is closing in and we have a deadline with a contract project to have finished. still, i managed to get some minor things done for mirrors of grimaldi..

first thing i did was implementing some particles for our ‘reverse movement’ tower effect, which should help people understand they’re being affected with it.

after that i started working on the controller disconnect warning on our players, which ties into our pause screen. basically, if a controller disconnects mid-game, the game will pause, and a warning will overlay on top of the pause screen. after it has been dismissed, the game can be resumed by exiting the pause menu. the first controller to be connected while a controller  is missing, will automatically be hooked up to the player that lost their input.

hopefully i can find some time to get some serious devving done next week so i can finally bang out the tutorial <3