Hey everyone, sorry we had to take a week off but you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve been hard at work getting Mirrors of Grimaldi ready for playtesting. Over the past two weeks our Art team has modeled all of the first round of buildings and placed them in the environment. This means we no longer have a grayboxed environment but actually real looking one! Alison, Steven and myself have also been working on animations for the player character, guard, and basic minion. pasted_image_at_2016_01_24_10_14_pm_720  _Guard_Attack2Hand01

Our Programming team has also been hard at work tweaking our enemy spawn system as well as adding player feedback GUI for the tower and punching mechanic. you’ll also be happy to hear that we have found and fixed multiple bugs that will keep the game running smoother than ever.

For this upcoming week we have our sights set for getting all of our art assets into the game so we can have a playable build up on our site by February 8th.

Thanks to all of our supporters, keep playing games and stay awesome.