Hey everyone, this is going to be the first of many weekly developer updates as our team continues production of Mirrors of Grimaldi. This past week has been incredibly heavy on meetings as we set out our plan to have a fully playable game by the 1st week of February. Our Artists have been hard at work getting the environment assets ready to be put in game so players will have something pretty to look at.  Also, our lead 3D artist Alison has been hard at work modeling and has now completed the rig for our next enemy type to be added into the game, the Guard enemy!


Our programmers have also been working hard implementing our Tower System as well as our Global Event functions that will keep the games interesting and fresh. Our minion AI is constantly being tweaked and we have added a overlay effect which will allow players to see their character even when the camera is shielded by a building.

Overall we made great progress this past week and can’t wait to show you guys our game.

Have a great week and keep playing games!