This week I began animating, realized I had to fix a few things with the rig, then continued animating. The result is an (almost) perfect rig, a model with smoothed normal angles, weight mapped, and an idle animation! The animation can be seen below in gif below. This will set the tone for all of her other animations, of which there are two that need to exist for her to be implemented in game, but also a few more that I will make after those mandatory animations are complete and approved. The idle does not include secondary motion from her collar, cuffs, and ears because I want to make sure it is approved before I spend time on those smallest details. The coattails and frontal tabard will be dynamic and handled in unity. I have acquired a script from the unity asset store which I can use to test that these parts of her skeleton can be dynamically handled easily.

positives – I am finally animating and getting into that groove!

negatives – there is still a ways to go to meet tight deadlines if I want her to be in game.


And now… a gif!