The dream can never die!

I am proud to say that this week I will be finishing up the control rig for the ring leader of our little circus. As well, I will be moving directly into creating essential animation for her including walk cycles and idle cycles. All that is left with the rig are final tweaks to the stretchy components of her spine and lower body, and making sure the correct joints have the right amount of influence over the correct vertices.

In sadder news, last week my laptop’s main hard drive died. Fortunately, all my work was backed up onto its secondary drive, but it has been out of commission for a little over a week at this point. I am meant to receive a new SSD in the mail that I can then reinstall and boot up to a working computer once again.


Positives – The Rig is almost done and the model is unwrapped so that texturing may commence as well!

Negatives – my laptop died at possibly the worst time, somewhat slowing and delaying my progress on certain smaller aspects of the tasks related to the rigging process.