I feel like this project was pretty successful. Everyone worked well with each other about 90% of the time and there were very few instances where people weren’t ‘allowed’ to voice their opinions about things. The one thing I was surprised on was how efficient we were about making decisions (most of the time). Needless to say, I also think our idea is cool.

I feel like most things did go well for us, so there’s not really much depth I can go into on that end 😛

The only really negative things I can think of is when everyone kind of slowed down production after GDC. It felt like people were just kind of thinking “well, we have a thing that works and is basically a complete game, let’s just finish up a few things and call it a day” rather than pushing ourselves to have a game that was even more complete and polished than it already was.

Communication also broke down A LOT after GDC. It got to the point where half the team didn’t know what we were doing with this thing or that or we each thought something different was happening. This was mostly an issue with Grimaldi, where we each had different ideas of how prevalent she was supposed to be in the game by the end of the quarter, which ultimately led to her only being in the menus.

This is going to be the weirdest comment ever, but I feel like art production was also kind of slow at points – maybe it’s because I’m an anim kid and I’m used to seeing people kick out a lot of really complex models relatively quickly… That being said, we did do a few iterations on a bunch of things, so who knows. I don’t really know how to quantify this statement – it feels really weird to say when I’m sitting here typing it out… It could have something to do with the fact that we kept talking about having visually different parts of the town and then it seems like, one we had the town we had in, everyone was like “what are you talking about – we’re not going to do that” even though we’d been planning it for months. Who knows…

I think my biggest take-aways from working on this project are these:

  1. I like working in small work environments where everyone has a say in how things are done.
  2. Social media should probably be more of a thing sooner rather than later and should actually be updated regularly.
    1. I like more snark and goofiness in my social media. That’s not to say I’d make it super unprofessional, etc, but most of the posts are a bit sterile on the personality for my taste…
  3. Having good trailers. It’s a thing that should be done…

All in all, I’m glad I ended up taking a chance on a team full of people I’d effectively never properly met before – it turned out well 🙂