Man this has been a crazy project. I had good hopes coming into this, but we really surpassed everything I thought we would achieve. Going to GDC was absolutely awesome. But the most valuable thing was how much I learned over the course of this year; between help from Tom and Hollander, and from my own research, I really managed to advance as a programmer over the year. And now we’ve got an actual released game that, who knows, might get Greenlit. Don’t know what will happen going forward, but it was a really exciting project to work on.

The one thing I wish we could change was how this last quarter ended. Things didn’t go badly by any stretch, but tensions have definitely been higher. Different people have different goals after college, and getting everyone to come to terms with that is proving a bit more difficult than we all expected. I also wish we had gotten artists involved in Unity earlier than we did (which seems to be an eternal wish, we never do it early enough on any project), it would have made winter term go a bit smoother.

Oh, and wish Hollander had actually been on our project.