Hey everyone, this week we’ve made a huge push and are so so close to our first online playable build. Over the past week Evan and Pat have been hard at work getting everything in our environment textured. This includes all our buildings, environment accessories (signs, fences, ect.), and our ground plane now all have a texture. Myself, Tom and Alison have all been polishing the animations for our characters so they can move around in the game. Steven spent the week finishing up texturing the player character in Substance Painter, so now you can expect that level of polish on all our textures as we keep moving forward.


Our Programmers this week spent a lot of time bug fixing as well as implementing our event system as well as our first global event. Alex has been tweaking the guard AI so that when we implement it in the game this week it will do exactly what we want.

Overall this week has been really crazy but over this next week we can focus on bug fixing our build so by next weekend we will have a downloadable build for you guys to play.

Keep playing games and stay awesome.