Hey guys, this week has been another week of full production for Mirrors of Grimaldi as we prepare for the Intel Competition in 3 weeks. This past week our artists have been hard at work finalizing textures for the current and newly added environment textures. Our Minion and Guard enemy textures are almost ready and Alison is cleaning up our Minion animations. On top of all that, Tom got our custom tinting system finalized although we ran into a bit of a snag when we realized that with the tinting implemented it became very apparent that a loading screen was necessary so Tom started working on that as well. Boyd finished coding our other two tower effects and global events which our art team will work to get visually awesome in the next couple weeks. Overall we’re on track to hit our goals for GDC and we hope you guys are enjoying the alpha build of Mirrors of Grimaldi.

As always, stay awesome and keep playing games.