The production focus for me this week was working with Pat on nailing down our menu design and producing the assets necessary to put them in Unity by the end of this sprint. Besides that we as a group had to figure out exactly what we want/can get done this term and what will not be able to be submitted for the sproj deadline and will have to be done after.


We went through 2 rounds of menu concepts. My and Pat’s first rounf of concepts were fairly different from each other so we have been working on a second round that combines what we like of each. Our most complicated menu is our post game awards menu so I started there and worked out from there for the post game menu, main menu, and settings menu. I tried to maintain as much of our hand painted look as possible while keeping the UI clean. Mostly the handpainting adds some texture to what would otherwise be very flat design. So the painting makes the UI look much more integrated with the rest of our game’s look.


We’ll have one more round of decisions to finalize the menus at our meeting tomorrow but those will be fairly minor changes to either of the round 2 designs so we’ll have all the assets for implementation by Wednesday.

mockup_settings mockup_postgameMenu1