This week I kept animating the winning animations for the peasant. Much to my disappointment, people were decidedly against the super-sass disco (work in progress featured below) that I did, so I was told to tone back the hip swing a bit…

Character_Disco_v02_Front Character_Disco_v02_Side

(ignore the arms – they’re not actually done 😛 )

(His butt reminds me of the babboons at the end of the Wild Thornberry movie 😛 )

I basically just tweaked a few keyframes from the dance (and worked on a part of the dance we decided half way through I didn’t need to do) and worked on the disco. I do think it’s interesting that whenever I animate, the characters tend to favor one side of their body over the other… It’s kind of cool, but also really weird @_@

This week I’ve been mostly focusing on studying for upcoming exams and applying for jobs (which is about 95% yelling angrily at Photoshop, 5% actually applying for jobs).