Personally, I thought our senior project went extremely well overall. We were able to make a successful game that achieved both our art goals and gameplay goals. Three of the main reasons that we were able to do this is because of good and constant communication with the team, a good knowledge of each of our talents, and a consistent iterative process. Our communication within the team was key for our success, we were always in touch online. This meant everyone knew what each member was doing with the game and knew the common goals we were working for. There was very little miscommunication between our team which meant little wasted effort. This ties into the next thing I thought we did well, which was recognize and respect each of our talent and put it the best job for each of us. We did not try to shoehorn people into roles they were not comfortable with but at the same time each member pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. This meant we pushed each other but never so hard as to leave someone confused and frustrated. Lastly, our iterative process, especially for art, was exhausting and painstaking, which meant our art did not get finalized until had went through a strict process of critique and evaluation. This process did slow us down production-wise, but for good reason, it made sure that every asset we were making was held to a high standard. There were also some problems along the way in making our game, as our process was far from perfect. One such problem was a flaw in our iterative process, where we sometimes left certain topics keeping slipping through the cracks. Since there was a lot of assets and mechanics to get feedback for each week in our meetings, sometimes smaller things would be forgotten, which would be pushed off until we had to scramble a little to get good feedback on it and quickly fix what the problems were. Another problem we faced was keeping a bigger split between coding and art than was necessary. It would have been easier on the programmer’s side if the artists had learning to implement their art into the game. It was a role we had to meant to teach but it had kept getting put off, which had caused some problems for the coders on our team. A third problem we faced was inconsistent and unclear system we used for recording hours. While we were in communication with each other and knew what we were doing at most times, it was very unclear how long their work took. We had used Trello for hour recording, but people often forgot to put their hours and looking at how many hours people did was often hard to find. We probably should have put a stricter system in place to get a clearer picture on the team’s workflow. Still, while there were some problems with our game design process, these problems were only annoyances and rarely hindered our ability to make our game. Each problem was useful, however, for the lessons I had learned from them. I thought our iterative process was very solid, and the little things we missed just taught me how important it is to have a list or outline of each meeting and what topics need to be covered. While we sometimes had an outline going into a meeting, we would often go off topic and miss some of the details in the outline, which caused the problems I had mentioned. Having a clear list to check off items seems like a good practice for meetings in the future. The second problem we had for our game showed me the importance of versatility in game design. Being an artist does not exclude me from being knowledgeable about the code of our game, and I should know the basics of it. Learning how to implement assets in the engine as well as have a functionally understanding of how the game works code-wise is important to understanding the game as a whole, and I should make a better effort for that going forward. Lastly, I learned the importance of hours tracking and budgeting my time. Senior project as a whole was an enormous amount of work that I also had to balance with other classes and some freelance work. I quickly learned good and bad work habits which helped me avoid a lot of late nights. Overall, I learned a lot of valuable lessons to help me in professional career during senior project, and really enjoyed the process as a whole. The team all came together and was able to create a great game in the end.