The winning animations for the character are done! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!


I also rendered out the winning poses for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th awards with each different skin tone, that was delightful… The angry one was for Tom…

Cha_EndPose_01_CC Cha_EndPose_02_CC Cha_EndPose_03_CC Cha_EndPose_04_CC Cha_EndPose_06_CC Cha_EndPose_09_CC

Once again, it’s been a terrifically uneventful week. I did get some 3D prints delivered – they turned out pretty cool 🙂

13090141_10209616752275823_1938525262_n__Web Ring
Anyway, I have no interesting stories or quips and I’m far too tired to remember what actually happened to me this week… So this is Alison, signing out for the week. Cheers to the universe!