This week I mirrored one or two animations for the guard and the minion and made a new attack animation for the minion. With those things done, I’m pretty sure that concludes the animation that needs doing for those guys. Huzzah…


For some reason, a lot of the keys got really janky and weird on the guard, so i spent about 45 minute making it worse, then another 20 actually fizing it after starting over with an older version of the file. Such is life. Apart from that, animation went pretty smoothly.

Next week, I need to animate the peasant being excited after winning the game. There was talk of a body roll, but the actual animations haven’t been decided on yet – which is why they aren’t already done 😛

Personally, I’d be quite excited to see him just drop to the ground and do the worm or start break dancing. Because why the heck not!!!

Apart from making another render or 6 of the characters for publicity things, that’s really all I did this week on sproj… I did make A LOT of keychains, rings and necklace pendants (pictured below) for a $10 off Shapeways promotion I’ve been harassing people about… Which you too can take advantage of! (I did say “shameless”, didn’t I?)


Anyways, shameless self-promotion behind, I’m really curious to see what I end up doing after the bulk of the 3D character work is done, since that’s about 90% of what I’ve been working on…