So yeah, my big goal for the next few weeks is to get a settings menu set up for the game; if we want to actually release this game somewhere, we need to give people the tools to get it running on their system of choice. Obviously, this task has a lot of components, so the first goal was to figure out how to actually implement all of the settings we want (resolution, fullscreen, AA, quality, sound, etc.). Luckily, all of that didn’t take too long, Unity has most of this enabled by default (the only thing I really had to create from scratch were sound settings other than a master volume).

My next step, which I’m still working on, is getting a basic version of the menu setup so settings can easily be tested and so we can work on getting the GUI art implemented into it. Most of this is fairly simple, just had to write some extra UI features that Unity doesn’t have.

So yeah, settings menu is coming along or something?